Care 4 Kidz Mentorship Programs

Below are the Mentorship Programs offered by Care 4 Kidz;

Learning Program

Care 4 Kidz Learning Program is a curriculum based reading program geared towards teaching the fundamentals and traditional elements of modern and classical literature, math and science.

Purpose of the program is centered on a variety of activities which stimulate our “at-risk” youth physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. Each session our mentors will encourage progress through a challenging learning experience consistent with their development needs. Much design is given to provide a well-rounded curriculum that measures performance utilizing a wide variety of educational programs, learning activities and trips.

Advance Technology Program

Care 4 Kidz Technology Program is a computer learning program concentrated on general usage, programming and graphic design. Classes will be operated in partnership with the community.

Purpose of the program is designed to instruct basic computer operation skills and introduce the most essential computer software. Participants will also gain skills that will help them adapt to new programs and become independent computer users for PC and MAC Computers. Basic training includes email, internet safety, and hardware and repair techniques.

Music Program

Care 4 Kidz Music Program is a curriculum based musical composition program designed to promote youth freedom of expression through composing, playing instruments and recording.

Purpose of the program is designed to give our “at-risk” youth the confidence and skills in performance and production technology to take their passions to the next level. Our program is designed to develop the youth strong artistic identity though instruction, performance and ensembles. Through the curriculum the youth will become adept to musical production and recording in the unique demands facing the artist of the tomorrow.

Youth Sports Program

Care 4 Kidz Youth Basketball is the athletic program that educates the essential qualities of sportsmanship, respect, integrity and team sport through playing physical activity.

Purpose of the program is to develop “at-risk” youth into elite athletes beginning from ages five (5) to thirteen (13) about professionalism in athletics on and off the field. The foundation is built on teaching the fundamentals of the game and dynamics behind higher play, officiating and game management.